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As specialists in Galapagos cruise programs, we have the knowledge and experience required to make your trip to these enchanted and world-famous islands an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll never be able to forget.

Thanks to our contacts and extensive experience of helping tourists explore this unique part of the world, we can advise you on everything you require to make this trip as special and memorable as it no doubt will be. Furthermore, through the reservation forms that are easily found through this website, you can tailor your trip to your own individual needs and requirements by selecting the yachts and ships which navigate the archipelago – making sure that everything is exactly as you dreamed it would be.

Galapagos Islands

Of course, in order to make the most of your trip to the Galapagos Islands, it is highly recommended that you spend a little time researching and reading up on the wonders that await you. For centuries now, the Galapagos has fascinated and entranced its visitors, and the flora and fauna that is found on the island has changed the way the world sees nature.

On our website, you'll be able to find reams of information covering not just the unique and famous animals and plants you'll see on your Galapagos Islands cruises, but information regarding the human history, the visitor sites, the unmissable locations and the towns of the islands. You'll be able to read everything you need to know about each of the individual islands which make up the archipelago, thus making your trip all the more rewarding and fulfilling.

Our specialist team of advisers have years of experience borne of first-hand knowledge and encounters with all the island's unique attributes, and all have travelled the Galapagos islands extensively over the past few years. Should you have any questions, they would be more than happy to advise you and help plan your own tailored itinerary. Should you wish to travel with your family or with children, you are also invited to make the most of our family-friendly tailored island tours and child discounts!

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Galapagos Cruise Travel Blog

  • Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands news: Charles Darwin station celebrates 50 years - You can’t talk about the Galapagos Islands without mentioning Charles Darwin and how he was inspired to change the course of science, and indeed history, after his visit here 150 or so years ago.
  • Best snorkelling sites on Galapagos cruises - [IMG]Most people associate the Galapagos with being one of the best places in the world to spot wildlife. With marine iguanas, numerous endemic tortoise species and some of the tamest birdlife in the world, they’re not wrong. However, it’s under the water where the wildlife is really out of this world. Which is why diving and snorkelling is highly recommended on all Galapagos cruises.
  • How to survive seasickness on Galapagos tours? - Galapagos tours aboard luxury, mid-range and budget vessels are truly incredible experiences. Just to be in this place, made so famous for its contribution to scientific theory and because of its unique wildlife, is exhilarating. However, some of the shine can be taken off your adventure if you have to spend several days hidden away in your cabin suffering with seasickness.
  • What to wear during Galapagos Islands vacations? - [IMG]Packing for Galapagos Islands vacations is as personal an experience as choosing a companion for your trip. Everyone is different, has different needs and is affected by temperature in different ways (to an extent your place of origin might affect your choice of wardrobe). However, there are certain suggestions we can make about what to wear on Galapagos Islands vacations.
  • Experience the life of a Galapagos tortoise with ‘new tortoise cam’ - Galapagos TortoiseFor a relatively small and isolated set of islands in the deep Pacific, the Galapagos holds a big place in the world’s imagination. Of course there is the association with Darwin and evolution, which gives it an extra significance in the scientific community. But it is perhaps the unique plant and animal life that really makes it stand out around the world.

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Tour Tips for a Better Galapagos Cruise Experience

A trip to the Galapagos islands is never going to be particularly cheap – but when you are surrounded by the unique beauty and wildlife of this very special place, you'll see why so many people are willing to spend a little extra for the experience.

There are many important reasons for these costs, not least the fact that an extraordinary amount of care must be taken by tour organisers and local authorities to ensure that the islands remain in a state of ecological balance and harmony. Indeed, 650 dollars of the cost of your trip covers only the airfare to and from the island, with one hundred of those dollars being given to the islands' conservation team to ensure that future generations can enjoy the islands in all their unspoilt and unique beauty.

We would highly recommend that to make the most out of your Galapagos tour, you must carefully research what you most would like to do and see on the islands, and prepare yourself with as much knowledge as possible.

Of course, there are so many things to see and do there, and so much land to cover that you may find you need help keeping your travel itinerary within budget, and luckily our expert advisers are always reachable to ensure that you can do just that.

Expedition Catamaran Galapagos Seaman Journey

Galapagos CruisesWe invite travellers of all ages to take a natural history adventure on-board the Seaman Journey Catamaran.

 Free add-ons for summer 2013: your explorative jaunt includes airfare to and from the Galapagos Islands from Quito or Guayaquil 3, 4 & 7 night navigations.

Boat information

Galapagos Odyssey Luxury Yacht Vacation

Galapagos IslandsWe offer bespoke wilderness expeditions on board this new luxury class mega-yacht, the Odyssey, a superb 16 passenger yacht in the Columbus archipelago.

Take Enchanted Isles travel to the next level with the Galapagos Odyssey. 

More Yacht Info

Islands visits by yacht

Galapagos tours

Yacht Tours

Explore this magical archipelago of Islands on board a yacht and enjoy an intimate and more personal wildlife experience.

Discovering the Islands of Darwins wake in the comfort of a small tour vessel is a great option for many nature avid travellers from royalty to families on vacation. 

Private Yacht Cruises

The Galapagos Islands Archipelago

Visitor information

Galapagos IsldandsThe "Islands of fire" are a unique destination, wildlife and its behaviour make the Galapagos Islands an attraction for scientists and nature lovers. The Islands have marvelled the world since Charles Darwin´s theory of evolution, join a tour and see for yourself. 

Learn about this nature sanctuary

Island hotels - Feature: Red Mangrove Adventure Inn

Galapagos LegendThe Red Mangrove Galapagos Adventure Inn gives a feel of entering a realm of magic.

A unique place in Galapagos, the entrance walkway is surrounded by a canopy of  mangroves. Just aside from Puerto Ayora, it is likely to see nesting Galapagos wildlife. Tour extensions and day trips are available at this boutique hotel.

Red Mangrove Inn, information...

Galapagos cruise reviews

Expedition ships

Expedition tripsExpedition ship

Touring on board an Expedition ship is a great experience, if you search for comfort, convenience, social activities it is the choice.

Small ship cruises best suite families and non seagoing people, larger tour vessels or catamarans have less movement making them ideal for those prone to sea sickness. Choose which boat best fits your travel needs, let a Galapagos tour specialist help you choose a vessel!


Galapagos Expedition Cruise Ships

Expedition Cruises - featured ship: M/V Galapagos Legend

Galapagos LegendLuxury tours and cruises are offered for nature travellers on-board this small expedition ship, the Legend is the fastest boat that tours the Islands of fire.

This one of a kind of ocean going boat is ideal for family tours, it has interesting activities for all ages offering fun for the entire family. There's a children's room and a small pool on the sundeck. Nature lectures are prepared for all interests.


 Galapagos Legend ship information...

Ecuador tours - Extending your stay: Amazon cruise adventure

The Manatee Amazon Explorer

RiverDescripcion cruises into the Amazon region, a destination teeming with wildlife, an ecotourists paradise featuring wildlife from both the Andean cloudforests and the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. 

Our expedition tours into the Amazon rainforest are unforgettable cultural and ecological travel experiences. Creature comforts are present, cabins have private baths and hot water.


Manatee Amazon Explorer river cruise