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Sailing Galapagos on board the Mary Anne sailboat

Mary Anne Sailboat

Why travel on this vessel?

- Be onboard the most elegant (and only 3 mast barquentine) sailing vessel of the islands.
- Travel with the pioneers of the Galapagos cruise industry (over 30 years experience).
- Enjoy unique onboard activities like: sailing lessons, nautical knots contest, navigation by the stars and cooking classes.
- Navigate with full sails as dolphins and whales come to join us (without the sound of the engines to scare them away, these curious creatures love to swim along side of sailing vessels).
- Travelling alone or in a group of 3 or 5? Not a problem, the Mary Anne has enough cabins for solo travelers with no single supplement.
- Have enough room for yourself on board a ship with capacity for 34 passengers but operated with just 16.
- Enjoy one of the best itineraries of Galapagos.
- Be photographed by other tourists onboard fiber yachts.

Mary Anne Sailboat Galapagos Gallery

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Mary Anne Sailboat Cruise specifications

Length: *L.O.A.: 216 feet / 65.84 meters *L.O.D.: 172 feet / 52.43 meters
Beam: 25.9 feet / 7.89 meters
Draft: 16.7 feet / 5.09 meters
Speed: 8 knots
Rig: Barquentine
Sail Area: 9902 feet / 3018.13 meters
Electric Power Supply: 220 V 50Hz / 110 V 60Hz
*L.O.A.: length including bowsprit
*L.O.D.: length on deck

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Mary Anne Sailboat Cruise Itinerary

"East" Itinerary (8 days)
SAT PM: Baltra airport | Santa Cruz (Black Turtle Cove [Caleta Tortuga Negra])
SUN AM: Genovesa (Darwin Bay)
PM: Genovesa (Prince Phillip's Steps)
MON AM: Bartolome
PM: Santiago (Sullivan Bay)
TUE AM: Rabida
PM: Santa Cruz (Cerro Dragon)
WED AM: Mosquera
PM: Santa Cruz (Punta Carrion)
THU AM: (South) Plazas
PM: Santa Fe
FRI AM: Espanola (Punta Suarez)
PM: Espanola (Gardner Bay)
SAT AM: Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station) |Baltra airport

"Weast" Itinerary (8 days)
SAT PM: Baltra airport | Santa Cruz (Twin Craters [Los Gemelos])
SUN AM: Floreana (Punta Cormorant / Devil's Crown)
PM: Floreana (Post Office Bay)
MON AM: Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station / Tortuga Bay)
PM: Santa Cruz (Tortuga Bay)
TUE AM: Isabela (Punta Moreno / Elizabeth Bay)
PM: Isabela (Elizabeth Bay)
WED AM: Isabela (Urbina Bay)
PM: Fernandina (Punta Espinoza)
THU AM: Isabela (Tagus Cove)
AM: Isabela (Punta Vicente Roca)
FRI AM: Santiago (Espumilla Beach)
AM: Santiago (Puerto Egas)
SAT AM: Baltra airport

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Mary Anne Sailboat day by day

East Itinerary (8 days)

DAY 1: SATURDAY - First encounters

PM: After arriving at Baltra airport we will be greeted by an Angermeyer Cruises representant to then board a bus which will take us to the highlands of Santa Cruz, the first visit on the islands: the Twin Craters. The Gemelos (twins) are two deep craters located to the side of the road that leads to Puerto Ayora from the other side of the island. These huge holes were probably created in a volcanic explosion or by magma chambers underneath the island´s surface. This is also a good place to see the Galapagos hawk and barn owl of this island and the surrounding forests are filled of birds such as the vermilion flycatcher or the yellow warbler. Something worth mentioning is the contrast of the vegetation of the highlands with the arid coastal zones. From here we will continue to El Manzanillo Ranch to have lunch and then a short hike to a small lagoon where it is usually possible to see the Vermillion flycatcher or some species of Darwin’s Finch. This place also offers excellent opportunities for viewing the giant Galapagos Tortoises in their natural habitat.

DAY 2: SUNDAY - The Baroness' domain

AM: We spend the day on Floreana, legendary homestead of infamous Baroness Eloise Von Wagner de Bousquet. Wet landing onto the olivine beaches of Punta Cormorant; we will be seeking Greater Flamingos on our way to another special beach with the finest sand you'll set your foot on, a sea turtle nesting ground where sharks and rays also visit regularly. We end the outing on a short panga ride to Devil's Crown, a key snorkeling site.

PM: After lunch we will visit Post Office Bay (wet landing), where you can drop your postcards in the barrel as the whalers did centuries ago.

DAY 3: MONDAY - Tortoises and green forests

AM: Dry landing at Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island. We will visit the Fausto Llerena breeding station, located at the Charles Darwin Research Station. Here, we will see tortoises from different islands. The animals are found in large semi natural pens for their protection, but also to ensure an easy view for the tourists. The pens are divided according to four different stages: eggs, neonates, juveniles (held here until they are mature enough to be "repatriated"), and adults.

PM: From Puerto Ayora we will walk approximately 45 minutes along a stone paved road which is surrounded by Galapagos coastal vegetation and its most eminent representants: the prickly pear cactus and the holy stick tree. This road, which also presents a very good opportunity to watch birds, especially Darwin finches, will take us to a beautiful, white sand beach known as Tortuga bay. From here it's up to you to decide among the alternatives: swim or snorkel, watch the marine iguanas and other wildlife, explore the coves surrounded by mangrove trees or simply lay back and relax while enjoying the magical landscape.

- An initiation to the western islands

AM: We arrive at Isabela, the largest island in the Galapagos. After breakfast, we step ashore at Punta Moreno (dry landing) onto a superb pahoehoe lava flow surrounded by giant shield volcanoes, some still active! From here we will do a short hike to a lagoon where flamingos are usually present.

PM:Panga ride in and around Elizabeth Bay, a salt-water lagoon surrounded by the largest red mangroves of the Galapagos. Here, it is usual to see sea turtles come near our zodiac to greet us. Flightless cormorants and Galapagos penguins are also more abundant in this part of the archipelago.

- Marine abundance

AM: We disembark at Urbina Bay (wet landing) onto a black sand beach, nesting site for Green Sea Turtle. We take a brief hike inland in search of land iguanas and giant tortoises (seasonal) that migrate to and from the highlands. At the beach, we will admire the remains of a geological uplift exposing coral heads and marine fossils; and if the sea conditions and time are on our side, we will also snorkel in these waters.

PM: We cross Bolivar Channel to Fernandina Island, one of the world's most unspoilt sites, and disembark (dry landing) at Punta Espinosa. Strolling along the shoreline, we will be on the look out for Flightless Cormorants, Galapagos sea lions, Galapagos penguins and hawks, sooty-coloured marine iguanas and bright red-orange Sally Lightfoot Crabs.

DAY 6: THURSDAY - Pirate's abode

AM: Dry landing near Tagus Cove, historic pirate hideaway where names of countless ships are recorded for posterity on the cliff face. Hike through beautiful Galapagos landscapes to Darwin Lake, a salt-water crater lagoon surrounded by tuff stone.

PM: At Punta Vicente Roca we will do a panga ride around the beautiful coast line before jumping into the water to enjoy one of the best snorkelling sites of the Galapagos. The underwater cliffs found here are filled with enough colors and life to amaze everyone looking at them for the first time.

DAY 7: FRIDAY - Grottos and fur seals

AM: After three days exploring the fabulous western islands, we head to central Santiago to disembark at Espumilla (wet landing), onto a golden-coloured sand Green Sea Turtle nesting site. A forest trail will take us through some of the largest specimens of Palo Santo on the islands to observe Yellow Warblers, the unbelievably tame Galapagos Flycatcher and the ever-intriguing Darwin's finches.

PM: At Puerto Egas (wet landing) we disembark on a dark sand volcanic beach with an interesting history of human settlement. Sleepy Galapagos fur seals lounge under arches of lava carved by the ocean and occasionally dip into the crystalline pools, also known as "grottos". Walk along the shore and observe the abundant marine life.

DAY 8: SATURDAY - The bird's den

AM: We disembark on North Seymour (dry landing), a small uplifted island, where we will walk right up to bird nesting colonies of the two species of Frigatebirds, Blue-footed Boobies and Swallow-tailed Gulls, and experience, depending on season, spectacular displays. After this visit the ship will sail to Baltra where passengers ending their trip will disembark and passengers beginning their cruise will join us on board.
In addition to the land visits we offer a good balance of other activities such as snorkeling, panga rides and kayaking.

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Mary Anne Sailboat deck plan

Launched in 1997, this elegant barquetine was designed specifically with environmentally friendly operations in mind and is certified by Smart Voyager. The Mary Anne is the perfect ship for those who love to travel under sail; she has 1000m2 of canvas with which she majestically takes to the waves. She can accommodate up to 16 passengers in 12 double, tastefully furnished cabins. All cabins have private bathrooms with hot water and all are designed with one double lower berth and a single upper berth. Two double cabins.

Crew: Captain, First mate, Engineers, Two sailors, Chef, Chef’s assistant, Naturalist guide.

Safety Equipment: Two 25-passenger and two 20-passenger life rafts with safety regulation equipment, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB),Search and Rescue Transponder (SART), Central alarm with smoke and fire detectors, Life jackets, Fire extinguishers.

Mary Anne Sailboat deck plans

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Mary Anne Sailboat Rates Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions described here in apply to all services, voyages and land programs These General Terms and Conditions also apply to any third party services Terms and
Conditions described which will supersede any other version.

Our price list are valid until December 31 of any given year in which the services are contracted and include only those services specified within them. Some price reductions during the low season and/or special discounts may apply. High costs such as: fuel price increases, significant rise in taxes; substantial changes in labor-related costs. Recognize price quotations authorized by them in writing to the client for special, otherwise unpublished programs. These price quotations will apply only to the terms established in the corresponding quotation.

Regular itineraries for the boats and/or extension programs and/or land services are published in our Website. However, in the case of any event of force majeure such as changes to National Parks and/or government regulations, adverse climate conditions, civil or public disturbances, or any other situation(s) that may threaten the physical safety of our Passengers and/or their belongings, the published itineraries may be changed. However, we try to keep as much as possible the same number of visits to similar or equal places and to always provide the same quality of service. Additional costs arising from these unforeseen changes in the itinerary caused by event s beyond our control are Not included. In such cases we will inform the Client and our Passengers of these extra changes as soon as circumstances allow us. If a major change of itinerary is necessary the Passenger may either accept the change and choose any of the alternatives, or receive a refund of his/her money with no additional compensation or fee. Baggage & Personal Bags each passenger is responsible for taking security measures and having padlocks for all baggage items to prevent the possibility of them being opened by third parties.

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Mary Anne Sailboat Rates 2016

Mary Anne 8 Days 15 Days
Individuals $4980 $9960
Charter $77,500 $155,000

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