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Sailing Galapagos Islands on board the Encantada motor sailor

Galapagos Encantada Yacht

The Galapagos Islands are a blessed wildlife sanctuary that any person with an interest in natural history should visit in a lifetime and is also popular as one of the best scuba diving destinations on the planet- The marine life beneath the Pacific waters is a complete different world. 

Galapagos Travel on board the Encantada Sailboat Yacht

The best way to catch a glimpse of the incredible flora and fauna that lies within the folds of each mystic island is to sail around the archipelago in one of those sailboats and luxury yachts provided at the Galapagos harbor. The M/S Encantada, which is better known as 'The Little Red Sailboat’, is popular among the tourists not only for its vibrant red color, but also for its attentive service and choicest itineraries that allows you to make the best of your trip. 

Sailboat Highlights 

Small, yet artistic, Encantada is an exotic yacht with richly inlaid interiors and a huge sundeck, where tourists catch a glimpse of ocean waves gushing past the ship. As a small sized boat, this can easily navigate into places where large cruise ships cannot.

Sailing Galapagos is a dream come true in a yacht with cozy yet well furnished cabins for resting, an intimate dining area in the cruise interiors as well as exteriors, and a dive platform from where snorkelers can plunge into the ocean.

It accommodates passengers in its total 6 double cabins. Each cabin is equipped twin bunk beds, i.e., (upper and lower) and is fully air conditioned. There are also private bathrooms and provision for hot water among much more. All these facilities make it ideal for couples, families or other kind of visitors who require a comfortable setting or a premium level of personal attention as well as service.

This sailboat features three subdivisions, while the screens and interior subdivisions are formed with complete Fire Protection System, right from prow till pope. The spacious dining room and independent kitchen area are integrated with three freezers for preservation, smoke extractors and blowers. 

The 70 foot sailboat can accommodate up to 12 passengers and the crew includes five members other than a bilingual guide. It boasts of a genial crew. The travelers can also enjoy exemplary meals.

Galapagos Cruise Activities

Encantada has provisions for snorkeling and diving can be arranged with a local supplier from Puerto Ayora or Puerto Baquerizo Moreno for both expert divers as well as non-divers. Snorkeling is fun- a deep plunge into the ocean would allows you to explore the marine life therein. 

Galapagos Encantada yacht photo gallery

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Encantada yacht technical specifications

Type: Motor Yacht
Category: Economic
Construction: Navel Steel Hull
Length:    21.44 m.
Breadth: 5.21 m.
Draft:    2.44 m.
Capacity: 12 Passengers
Crew: 5 crew member, plus a naturalist speaking guide
Speed: 7 Knots (wGM DETROIT 471.motor)
Engines: GM DETROIT 471.
Generators: ONAM 12.5 KVA. / PHASOR 16 KVA
Accommodations: 5 double cabins with upper and lower berths; 3
bathrooms with 3 showers; Sundeck, TV Room,
interior & exterior dining areas; snorkeling
equipment Central air conditioning

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Encantada Yacht - Galapagos Cruise Itinerary

3, 4, 7 night Galapagos cruises
Sunday to Sunday, Thursday to Thursday, Sunday to Thursday, Thursday to Sunday
Day 1 Baltra airport / Santa Cruz (Bachas)
Day 2 North Seymour / Santa Fé
Day 3 Española (Bahía Gardner/Punta Suárez)
Day 4 Floreana: Pta Cormorant - Post Office - Devil´s Crown
Day 5 Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Center - Highlands
Day 6 Rábida / Pto. Egas
Day 7 Bartolome-Sullivan Bay
Day 8 Caleta Tortuga Negra / Baltra

4 night Galapagos cruises
Day 1 Baltra airport / Santa Cruz (Bachas)
Day 2 North Seymour / Santa Fé
Day 3 Española (Bahía Gardner/Punta Suárez)
Day 4 Floreana: Pta Cormorant - Post Office - Devil´s Crown
Day 5 Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Center - Baltra

3 night Galapagos cruises
Day 5 Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Center - Highlands
Day 6 Rábida / Pto. Egas
Day 7 Bartolome-Sullivan Bay
Day 8 Caleta Tortuga Negra / Baltra

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Galapagos Cruises - Encantada Yacht Day By Day Itinerary

Sample Galapagos cruise itinerary

Day 1
Baltra - Black Turtle Cove

Am. Arrival to Baltra Island. Guide will recieve you at the airport and assist you. Black Turtle Cove is a salt-water lagoon surrounded by different mangrove species and in its quiet crystal clear waters you can observe marine turtles, sharks and rays.

Day 2
Rabida - Bartolome

Am. Rabida Island, Dry landing at the dark red colored beach of volcanic origin, frequented by sea lions. It is often considered the geographic center of Galapagos because it has the most diversified volcanic rocks of all the Islands . Here a short trail leads to a salt water lagoon, where we find small colonies of Flamingos feeding. The brown pelican nests in the mangrovesan be found at the far side of the lagoon. Also to be observed are boobies and 9 species of Darwin 's finches. Dinghie ride by the reefs with an excellent snorkeling opportunity.

Pm. Bartolome Island, Dry landing. Arriving on this island, passengers will see volcanic formations including lava bombs, spatter, and cinder cones. After a hike to the summit visitors will have an impressive view of the surrounding islands, including the eroded tuff cone of Pinnacle Rock.

During the ascent travelers will often see a large colony of Marine Iguanas and Lava Lizards. Red Mangroves, Tiquilla, and various cacti all add to the experience. Visitors also enjoy a chance to cool off while snorkeling. Here travelers often see the Galapagos Penguin, Sea Turtles, and White Tipped Sharks from a safe distance.

Day 3
Genovesa Island

Disembark at El Barranco also known as Prince phillip's steps in the morning and Darwin Bay in the afternoon. Enjoy open areas where you can spot small marine iguanas, and many birds. Our first view of Galapagos volcanoes, Darwin bay is an eroded crater under water, nearby is the white coral beach where will find many birds, opuntia cacti forests and mangroves. Time is allowed for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 4
Plazas Island - Charles Darwin Research Station

Am. South Plaza Island, This island is full of life. There are colonies of sea lions and land iguanas. On the steep banks it is possible to see a great number of birds such as nesting tropic birds and fork-tailed seagulls, but most of all, enjoying the beautiful view from atop the steep banks or strolling along the base of the cliff is an extremely pleasurable experience. The Opuntia cacti grow here too and the vegetation changes color according to the season of the year. 

Charles Darwin Research Station Pm. Visit the world-famous Charles Darwin Station, a non-profit institution that dedicates itself to studying and protecting Galapagos wildlife. This is one of the best places to see land tortoises, including Lonely George, the last survivor of his subspecies. We will also visit the station's Tortoise Rearing Center.

Day 5
Punta Cormorant - Post Office Bay

Am. Post Office Bay, not the most scenic of the visitor sites, but probably one of the most famous sites in Galapagos. Here is where a post barrel was placed and put into use in the late 18th century by English whaling vessels. You are invited to leave a post card and to pick up any mail from your home area.

Take a short visit to the remains of a Norwegian commercial fish drying and canning operation and a lava tube that extends to the sea.

Pm. Punta Cormorant - Devil`s Crown, Wet landing on a greenish colored sand beach. Passengers will hike a well marked trail beginning in the Black Mangrove beds heading towards the back of the lagoon. The large, brackish lagoon holds one of the biggest populations of flamingos in the Galápagos.

This island is best known for its endemic plant life, such as the Galápagos millwork, Passion flower, and unique button mangrove. Novice snorkelers can practice back on the main beach where the sea lions are playful, while experienced snorkelers can roam the waters around Devils Crown.

Day 6
Gardner Bay - Pta Suarez

Disembark at Gardner Bay in the morning and Punta Suarez in the afternoon. Enjoy open areas where you can spot lava lizards, iguanas, and many birds: blue footed boobies, masked boobies, Galapagos hawk, Frigate bird, giant waved albatross. Time is allowed for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 7
Leon Dormido - Isla Lobos - Santa Fe Island

Kicker Rock Am. (Leon Dormido) also known as the Sleeping Lion because of its resemblence, is located of the coast of San Cristobal. The remains of a lava cone eroded by the sea, the two vertical rocks rising 500 feet from the ocean form a small channel that is navigable by small boats. 

This Galapagos Islands natural monument has become a favorite sight for cruises due to the many Tropicbirds, Frigates and boobies that fill the surrounding air. 

Isla Lobos is located heading up the coast from Wreck Bay and Puerto Baquerizo north of San Cristobal Island also known as Chatham, 1 hour across a small channel.

Isla Lobos means ”Sea-Lion Island”, and the name is certainly appropriate because they frolic, leap and make a racket here. It is also a nesting place for Blue-footed Boobies and a good place for snorkeling.

Santa Fe Pm.  After landing on a beach next to a sea lion colony, a short walk will bring you to one of the widest Opuntia cactus forest in the Islands. Here you will find Cacti of close to 10 m. in height. You will also see a different land Iguana species, endemic to Santa Fe, as well as rice rats, also endemic.

Day 8
North Seymour - Baltra

North Seymour Am. is the perfect place for marine bird watching, like blue footed boobies, frigates, swallow tailed gulls, all of these nesting in season. The sound, the variety of their activities, the colonies sizes, is part of one of the most fascinating experiences in Galapagos. In the other side of the Island, you will be able to see sea lions, playing with the waves, which afterwards crash against the rocks that are covered with marine Iguanas.

Sail to the docks and transfer out to Baltra Airport by bus. Return flight to the mainland. End of services.

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Encantada yacht deck plan

Encantada Sailboat deck plans

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Encantada yacht cruise rates 2016

5 days – 4 nights
6 days – 5 nights
6 days – 5 nights
8 days – 7 nights
per guest
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